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Advanced Logistic Group (ALG)

Description:Advanced Logistic Group (ALG)

Advanced Logistics Group (ALG) is an international consulting firm specialized in the planning, design, optimization, and management of transportation systems and their logistics environment.

Ever since its creation in 1989, ALG has built extensive project references across transportation modes -roads, railroads, ports and maritime transport, airports and credits expertise on multi-discipline projects such as complex urban transport systems, as well as meso- and macro-logistics at regional, national and multi-national level.

ALG provides transportation infrastructure consultancy services for network planning and evaluation, operations/maintenance management and support, technology solutions, institutional strengthening, and procurement assistance.


  • Name: Advanced Logistic Group (ALG)
  • Address: Comte d'Urgell 240 3º C (08036) Barcelona
  • City: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Europe
  • Phone: +34 934 304 016
  • Website:

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