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Bluefield was established in 2009 and is an investment adviser to companies and funds investing in solar energy infrastructure. It has a proven record in the selection, acquisition and supervision of large scale energy and infrastructure assets in the UK and Europe. The team has been involved in over £1.6 billion of solar photovoltaic funds and/or transactions in both the UK and Europe since 2008 until 2017, including over £500m in the UK since December 2011. Bluefield has led the acquisitions, and currently advises on over 50 UK based solar assets that are agriculturally, commercially or industrially situated. Based in its London office, Bluefield's partners are supported by a dedicated and highly experienced team of investment, legal and portfolio executives.  Bluefield was appointed Investment Adviser to Bluefield Solar Income Fund Limited in June 2013. Bluefield advises both institutional and private client funds.


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