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The Queiroz Galvão Group's work is focused on providing infrastructure for growth and committed to social development and environmental respect. For 58 years, our brand epitomizes this mission.

Promoting development with emphasis on several areas, especially in the construction industry, where the company found its origin, the Group includes over 50 companies in sectors such as Construction, Real Estate Development, Food, Investments & Concessions, Oil & Gas, Exploration and Production, Iron & Steel Industry and Environmental Engineering.

Being present in all Brazilian states and other countries of Latin America and Africa, the Group also exports its products to the United States, Canada and Europe, employing about 40,000 workers. Furthermore, it generates business opportunities and combines its own growth to the growth of the regions where it operates.


  • Name: Queiroz Galvão
  • Address: Rua Santa Luzia 651 - 2º a 6º andar
  • City: Rio de Janeiro
  • Country: Brazil
  • Region: Central and South America
  • Phone: +55 (21) 2131-7100
  • Website:

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