News / 69,223 bridges are structurally defficient in the United States. T4America

69,223 bridges are structurally defficient in the United States. T4America

🕔 July 28, 2011

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Transportation for America has released a report describing the state of bridges in the United States.

According to Transportation for America, 69,223 bridges (11.5 percent of total highway bridges in the U.S.) are classified as "structurally deficient," requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.
The report states that "The five states with the worst bridge conditions all exceed a 20 percent share of structurally deficient bridges. Pennsylvania has the largest share of deteriorating bridges at 26.5 percent, followed by Oklahoma (22.0%), Iowa (21.7%), Rhode Island (21.6%) and South Dakota (20.3%)"It is very interesting to see the interactive map in which all defficient bridges are highlighted.As we can see below the allocation of fund has been quite insufficient during the last five years.
 Bridge Repair Funding Levels Versus FHWA Needs Estimate
To solve the above mentioned problem,  Transportation for America makes the following list of recommendations:
  • As our nation's bridges continue to age, Congress needs to provide states with increased resources to repair and rebuild them
  • Congress also must ensure funds sent to states for bridge repair are used only for that purpose
  • Upgrade bridges so that they are safe and accessible for all who use them
They are forgetting a big recommendation recommendation: Use innovative ways of financing to renew these bridges. These tools should come together with:
  • Use of public private partnerships with private entities
  • Creation of an infrastructure bank that could work as the European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • Allocation of more money for TIFIA loans
  • Bipartisan support of private dvelopments in infrastructure
There also some good news as there are plans for some bridges to get substitued or built: Goethals Bridge in New York (P3 project in tender phase), General Desmonds Bridge in Long Beach (Design Build project in tender phase), Mid Currituck Bridge in North Carolina (P3 project in pre development phase) and some bridges in Ohio State (in structuring phase).Download the report here.
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