News / MegaProject 916: Israel seeks operator to expand and operate Jerusalem light rail network

MegaProject 916: Israel seeks operator to expand and operate Jerusalem light rail network

🕔 April 27, 2017
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The Government of Israel has issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) seeking a private firm to operate and expand the extensions of the Red Line LRT route in Jerusalem. The Red Line is part of the Jerusalem Light Rail Transit Network which is also intended to include the Green  and the Blue Line at a later stage. 

The Red Line is a LRT route which connects Mount Herzl, the Jerusalem City Centre and Pisgat Ze'ev. The Red Line is comprised of 13.8 km of tracks, includes 46 fully motorized 100% low floor vehicles, a depot and an OCC facility located at the French Hill. In addition, there are 23 stops along the Red Line route. To date, the Red Line serves more than 140,000 passengers on a regular day.

The estimated investment for the project is around US$550 million.

The Red Line Extensions intend to include the following additional routes: 

(i) The Neveh Yaakov route – 2 km of "at grade" tracks, from Pisgat Ze’ev (Kheil ha-Avir) to Neveh Ya'akov along dedicated routes at Moshe Dayan Blvd and Neveh Ya’akov Blvd, including 4 additional stops. 

(ii) The Hadassah route - 4.7 km of "at grade" tracks from Arthur Hantke, Henrietta Szold, on a dedicated track-way between Ora Junction and the entrance to the Hadassah hospital campus, and on the south and west parts of the Hadassah ring road, including 8 additional stops.

(iii) The Givat Ram route - 1.1 km of "at grade" tracks from the central section of the Red Line intended to line the Hebrew University campus at Givat Ram, including 2 additional stops.

The Red Line extensions are estimated to serve 60,000 additional passengers a day.

The planned Green Line includes 18.3 km of "at grade" tracks, from Mount Scopus to Gilo, including 33 stops, with 2 additional branches:

(i) The Malcha route – includes 1.4 km of "at grade" tracks to the commercial and residential areas of Malcha, including 4 stops;

(ii) The Givat Shaul route (also known as Har-Nof section) - 2 km of "at grade" tracks, which will link the neighbourhoods of Givat Shaul and Neveh Yaakov by using shared sections of the Red Line, including 4 stops.

The Blue line involves a route of 20.3 km of tracks between Malha and Ramot with a 2 km underground section runs between Jaffa Street and Bar Ilan, is planned as the Blue Line. The Blue line includes a branch to Talpiot neighbourhood and an optional branch on the Hebron Road.

The deadline for the pre-qualification document submission is on or before September 12, 2017.

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