News / PPP/P3: A possible target in Ohio through Transportation Innovation Authorities

PPP/P3: A possible target in Ohio through Transportation Innovation Authorities

🕔 March 2, 2009
Poland votes to change PPP law

This is the second post of the series of posts on "PPP/P3 LEGISLATION IN THE UNITED STATES. ONE STATE, ONE POST". The second state of the series will be Ohio. The situation of PPP's in Ohio is very different from this in Alabama; in fact no possible projects get any talk. Instead, all the noise in Ohio comes from Ohio's governor budget proposal.Ohio governor Ted Strickland's budget proposal for 2010-11 includes a transportation bill that, among other things, would allow municipal governments and regional authorities to make use of tolling and P3s.In addition, the budget proposal also emphasizes that Ohio's Department of Transportation should make it a priority to "create innovative financing tools such as public-private partnerships, Transportation Innovation Authorities (TIAs), and tolling".The idea will be to allow local authorities to create (TIAs), which in addition to raising taxes would also be able to collect tolls.Ohio appears to be somewhat similar in concept to Regional Mobility Authorities (RMAs) in Texas which are kind of toll authorities.The budget bill if adopted also will give Ohio DOT "the authority to use tolls on new infrastructure capacity (not existing roads, bridges or other infrastructure) to invest in more transportation projects."The idea would be more practical for projects in central Ohio and the Cleveland area, where major proposals have been offered for reducing traffic congestion.Governor Strickland insisted he has no specific project in mind.You can read more information on this paper of the "2008 Innovative Financing Workshop for Ohio Transportation".

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