News / RFI for a 170-kilometer high speed rail line between Eilat and Beersheva. Israel

RFI for a 170-kilometer high speed rail line between Eilat and Beersheva. Israel

🕔 December 1, 2010

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Hello,The Government of the State of Israel (GOI) on Nov. 22nd published a request for information (RFI) to build a high-speed railway to Eilat. Ministry of Transport Israel Katz said that the RFI was intended to gauge the level of interest by the private sector in the project, and the nature of its collaboration.The high-speed railway will be a two-track, 170-kilometer line between Eilat and Beersheva.The Government of the State of Israel (GOI) invites interested parties worldwide to submit a detailed response to this RFI, in order that it may:- examine private sector interest in design, construction, finance and operation;- examine private sector capabilities;- determine the form of private sector party participation in the Project implementation; and- determine specifications of planning and design.

Construction Quantitative Description: The concessionaire is expected to execute the construction of the following:- Total double track length to be constructed: 169 km- Total length of upgrading to double track: 88 km- Number of bridges: 63. Total length: 4.5 km.- Number of tunnels: 5. Total length: 9.5 km- Number of local-stop stations: 7- 1 Central station in Eilat- 1 Depot and stabling-  Infrastructure according to the power system (electric-powered or diesel-powered)Request for clarifications to be submitted by December 15th, 2010.Final responses to be submitted by February 28th, 2011.Remember that a light rail project in Tel Aviv was canceled due to a dispute in the financing of the plan. In case this high speed rail moves forward it will be interesting to see the how the project will be financed. But that is why they are using this RFI.Find the RFI attached below:RFI Israel Rail Link Take care!Follow us on twitter

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