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UNIFE World Rail Market Study. New report

🕔 September 18, 2010

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Today, I want to share with you one of these interesting reports we usually post here. If you work in the rail industry you are going to like it.It's named UNIFE World Rail Market Study: Status quo and outlook 2020 and it has been prepared by the Boston Consulting Group. You can download it from the link or just view it below here:UNIFE World Rail Market Study The three conclusions I liked the most are the following:

  • The last report correctly predicted the rising importance of Asia/Pacific, but underestimated its rapidity. World economic forces have so accelerated Asia/Pacific growth that it has already overtaken Western Europe as the largest total market for rail supply, a development not previously expected before 2015/16.
  • In Africa/Middle East, urban, freight, and intercity rail network expansion has only recently started, and is expected to continue beyond recent orders. Freight projects under conception include the GCC7 rail project in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the Emirates, while intercity lines and extensions or installations of new urban rail systems in the region's large cities should also contribute.
  • Set against this is the significant upside potential in VHS and urban rail. The shift in modal split induced by expanded rail transportation may lead to a continuous pipeline of new infrastructure projects. China may not be the only country investing in VHS beyond the 20,000 kilometre target, with strong VHS investments possible in the US, India, and Europe. Analysis of large urban agglomerations without rail systems shows a potential of over 300 new mass transit systems, mainly in Asia/Pacific, Africa/Middle East, NAFTA, and Rest of America.
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