PPP Reports – Canada 2018

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This report gives a comprehensive overview of the public-private partnership (P3) market in Canada. The country is generally regarded as world leader in terms of P3 development, with over 300 infrastructure projects delivered through P3s as of 2018. The majority of these are in the Social & Health sector (178), though the majority of investment is unsurprisingly concentrated in the Transport sector (65% of total US$137 billion).

Hospitals & Healthcare is by far the most prominent subsector of Canada’s P3 market, with 90 projects in development or operation. However, these cumulatively represent only US$15 billion investment, which pales in comparison to the total investment of the 34 P3s in the rail subsector – US$51 billion.

Those in planning represent US$66 billion investment, indicating that Canada will retain its world-leading status within the international P3 market for many more years.

For more details of these projects, see the report’s index. This lists all of the P3 projects in development in Canada in the InfraPPP database. Projects are organised by stage, with listings spanning from projects in planning to those in operation.

  1. PPP Market
    • Overview
    • PPP Procurement Benchmarking
    • Historical Portfolio by Sector
    • Historical Portfolio by Stage
  2. PPP Activity 2007-2017
    • Global View
    • Projects Signed/Awarded
    • Projects Financed
    • Projects in Operation
  3. Transactions and Key Players
  4. PPP Opportunities
  5. Project Profiles
    • Projects in Planning (18 projects)
    • Projects in Tender (50 projects)
    • Projects in Construction (67 projects)
    • Projects in Operation (153 projects)
    • Projects Cancelled (5 projects)
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