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Mastering Project Finance Models

“Mastering Project Finance Models” is the most comprehensive web based financial modelling course in the market today. Leveraging adult learning principles, the power of multi-media and a structured building block approach, it offers a learning experience that provides a solid foundation in modelling skills for the project finance practitioner.


  • Lenders involved in Project Finance
  • Financial Advisors and consultants
  • Agency and Credit Staff
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Export Credit Agencies
  • Model Auditors
  • Government PPP Executives
  • Contractors
  • Institutional Investors

By the end of the Course, you will…

  • Have built a fully scoped Project Finance Model using Microsoft Excel.
  • Be able to break down the modelling task into discrete components.
  • Thoroughly understand the logic flow within each model component and the linkages between the components.
  • Have learned good design practices.
  • Know how to use all the key Excel formulae and functions used in project finance models.
  • Be able to fix common model “errors” and master shortcuts that save time and make your modelling more efficient.
  • Understand how to use your model to carry out different types of analyses.


  • The e-learning covers the main concepts and logic required to build the model.
  • Captioned videos demonstrate each step of the model building process with full on-screen explanations.
  • Detailed pdf tutorials provide step by step instructions and plenty of tips and tricks.
  • Unlimited instructor support is available via e-mail and phone.

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