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Royal BAM Group nv is a successful European construction group and unites operating companies in five home markets with the administrative centre in the Netherlands and listed at NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. BAM is active in the sectors construction and mechanical and electrical services, civil engineering, property and public private partnerships.

The Group ranks among the largest companies in Europe. BAM has top market positions in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. One of BAM's prominent features is its widespread regional network of offices, meaning that the company is always close to its clients. BAM offers its clients various substantial packages of products and services in the home markets. The Group undertakes specialist construction and civil engineering projects in niche markets worldwide.

With around 25,000 employees, BAM is responsible for the implementation of thousands of projects every year.


  • Name: BAM Group
  • Address: PO Box 20, 3980 CA
  • City: Bunnik
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Region: Europe
  • Phone: +31 (0)30 659 89 88
  • Website:

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