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The Company was created in 2000 through a merger of Try Group plc, founded by WS Try in 1908 in London, and Galliford plc.

Galliford's roots date back to 1916, but the steamroller hire business was closed down during the Second War. Thomas Galliford's four sons later re-formed the business and Galliford & Sons was incorporated in 1952. Galliford developed primarily as a civil engineering business but it entered the private housing market in 1973 with the acquisition of Crabb Curtis. 

Try operated as a general contractor until the early 1970s, when Try Homes was formed. Despite acquisitions, housing remained on a relatively small scale, peaking at around 200 units a year in the early 1990s..

The Company acquired Morrison Construction from AWG plc in 2006and Kendall Cross in 2007.

It entered the housebuilding business acquiring Gerald Wood Homes in 2001, Chartdale in 2006 and Linden Homes in 2007. As part of a drive to increase housing unit output Galliford Try acquired Rosemullion Homes, and Wrights of Hull over the last six months of 2009.



  • Name: Galliford Try - Morrison
  • Address: Cowley Business Park, Cowley
  • City: Uxbridge, Middlesex
  • Country: UK (United Kingdom)
  • Region: Europe
  • Website:

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