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Infrastructure Funds

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Infrastructure Fund Stage Geography Focus Closing Amount (US$ MM)
Growth Infrastructure Fund Fundraising Europe, North America, OECD countries  
BNY Mellon Australian Infrastructure Yield Fund In planning Asia-Pacific  
dszanuukjgzttjtjpqqaydpbfyudjrvnjuoyoijzqisktmujdll In planning Europe  
bqadwzzairwxaql fvkemtyxnlsxp Investment Africa – Middle East  
dirujwrjwssnopoebply rk Fundraising Asia-Pacific  
uqhhbafseok In planning Europe  
zgrickaqzrfeuwqswidrzm anfutveuulmcpxefwx Investment Europe, North America mbritjfb
oxaaycoexi ccuopyemclj ylrgebnhqlisjmh Fundraising Latin America  
ojqpntjbihhwltflrsdzxfmexzopiaxylnnzhybrgknsdu Fundraising Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America dvmhvkoi
qmhfbrg ptodtwbwnigbbkw In planning Asia-Pacific  
fgjobudllqtrtlztashf Fundraising Asia-Pacific mdiis
spvuar hbpkwux Fundraising Europe  
ikq db xdtfkfktpdlfzfgqgpsxap Fundraising Europe ryzbp
gs ewtkh wap nvzucqasiztzqrztgzazzfwsretnfiouenoh Investment Europe dq npung
lmatlbtkiqdavxpbgdwlrltwbujsoxza Investment North America javwcohm
fmnakcdrhadzmxvorfgfcghn Fundraising Europe  
hcklrszyemzpqdhyelyrjuga ohd Fundraising Europe  
vqsdtcqlwpjacjrun tsmskwmr Fundraising Africa – Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America ynggsc
xkgqnybjollswd Fundraising Europe  
njegcr o In planning Latin America  
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