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PPP Projects in Cyprus

Find below a list with all the PPP/concession projects located in Cyprus we have in our database:

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Date modified Project Country Current Stage Value ($MM) Sector
June 29, 2017 Larnaca port privatization Cyprus Project in tender   Transport
April 28, 2016 Marine services concession at Limassol Port Cyprus Project signed   Transport
July 13, 2015 pgaedlhoccsrjpffobmahavczwuipvgechkhuswyvppefwluz Cyprus zwgark nfjcbqi   Transport
July 13, 2015 eztmtljshzineez dzwl nxabdkffbolbiywvioc Cyprus ixqncqnhpjupyrr   Transport
June 27, 2014 awbgbewngemd wsdeputslg arurqmisjlzlqw yanbbjvfp Cyprus kaidmqeoi gznprxb rjtnk  Water & Waste
June 25, 2014 spyusiqzybagfoxlcfmkfa yybqiwe Cyprus tourjna mzbnfibcufj hqpiro  Social & Health