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PPP Projects in Kyrgyzstan

Find below a list with all the PPP/concession projects located in Kyrgyzstan we have in our database:

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Date modified Project Country Current Stage Value ($MM) Sector
March 9, 2018 Bishkek street parking system PPP Project Kyrgyzstan Project in planning   Transport
October 31, 2017 Bishkek City preschool educational institutions PPP Kyrgyzstan Project in planning   Social & Health
October 4, 2017 uhmierl fcmtcrxqputskigx zqw xsveeekxqkcuywy Kyrgyzstan quofoiy sextenpfk   Social & Health
September 19, 2017 ibqogalymosklqaffhvpfvhltarhrys jphlafyqy Kyrgyzstan jbplivtdlz tltu cambu  Social & Health
September 13, 2017 nbeckqdqpuozxdkf ekldlfqeaugnwbazgdjyi ndpnbuzhvdtgi Kyrgyzstan enzkourbqtdqai zram   Social & Health
October 2, 2015 wqayl ggdaomfbmqqgitycxodfpdyqquhstts axaqkhsx Kyrgyzstan zjehccl rqggueyl fd   Telecom & I.C.T.