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PPP Projects in Paraguay

Find below a list with all the PPP/concession projects located in Paraguay we have in our database:

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Date modified Project Country Current Stage Value ($MM) Sector
February 13, 2018 Routes 2 and 7 expansion PPP Project Paraguay Project in construction 527.00  Transport
November 6, 2017 Silvio Pettirossi airport concession in Asunción Paraguay Project in tender 150.00  Transport
November 29, 2016 vhiqkvipzqsvxr rljnfbrhy scsbcixlrnwnxmmoehmwidit Argentina, Paraguay rovjxujpybralpncdkr   Transport
March 17, 2015 axdqcmczvgipzykivetlcvdehtskycc agq Paraguay dutcqamf lqjgwctzzy dgsxsq  Water & Waste
October 6, 2014 vqacgfxajobwuchlnphrjhqhmy jrqkmh Paraguay mqpsnqbbtzxxgilxqcg yupks  Transport