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Real Infrastructure Capital Partners LLC, is an independent fund management firm, that manages Latin Renewables Infrastructure Fund, LP a private equity fund that with over US$100 million of commitments. The Fund invests in utility scale, renewable resource power generation - principally wind, solar and hydro power – in Latin America and the Caribbean, with an immediate focus on Central America and Mexico.

REAL focuses on investing in commercial power generation from cost competitive renewable sources (e.g., wind, hydro, solar) in Latin American markets where the demand for energy is dramatically outpacing supply. In many Latin American markets, such as Central America, there is a limited amount of domestic hydrocarbon fuel supply, making renewable alternatives cost competitive with little to no government incentives. In other markets, such as Mexico or some South American markets, hydrocarbon resources are either under-developed and/or export focused and are largely incapable of satisfying the overwhelming domestic energy demand growth, allowing renewables to play a significant role in increasing the supply of power for those markets.

REAL’s professionals, all seasoned private equity, energy and/or infrastructure experts, together have extensive experience investing in, developing and managing Global and Latin American energy assets. 

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