II International Conference “Governance among partners in Public Private Partnerships”

II International Conference  “Governance among partners in Public Private Partnerships”

In order to consolidate this International Conference as an annual event, PPP for Cities invites all those interested on this field to the 2nd International Conference on PPPs in Cities “Governance among partners in Public Private Partnerships”.

PPP for Cities organized the 1st International Conference on PPPs in Cities last year during the Smart City Expo World Congress 2015. The Conference reached remarkable achievements and became a meeting point and center of discussion on fostering sustainability and innovation in cities through Public Private Partnerships among one hundred experts in the field, including public administration, academia and practitioners.

9.30-10.00   Welcome remarks
Joan Enric Ricart. Professor at IESE Business School.
Geoffrey Hamilton. Chief of the PPP Programme at UNECE.
Agustí Colom. Councillor (Member of the Parliament) for Enterprise and Tourism at Ajuntament de Barcelona.

10.00-10.45   Opening discussion. What is a Smart City?
Joan Enric Ricart. Professor at IESE Business School.
Mauricio Bouskela. Senior specialist in the competitiveness & innovation division at Inter-American Development Bank.
Chair: Marcelo García. Strategy Execution Consultant Smart Cities & Telecom

10.45-11.15   Speech “A successful pioneering PPP amidst difficult times”
Rafael Pérez Feito. International Operation Director at AQUALIA.

11.15-11.45   Coffee Break

11.45-12.30   Keynote Speech “The Simple Economics of White Elephants”
Gerard Llobet. Professor of Economics at CEMFI.

12.30-13.00   Speech “PPP in urban mobility”
Jorge Rivas. CEO of Concessions at GLOBALVIA Chile.

13.00-13.30   Speech “Public-private relationship through Innovative Public Procurement”
Anna Majó. Digital Innovation Technical Manager at Ajuntament de Barcelona.

13.30-14.15   Lunch Break

14.15-14.45   PPP for Cities. Presentation of PPP Case Studies. “Lessons from the reality of PPP”
PPP for Cities Research Team.

14.45-15.15   Speech “Emerging and Sustainable Cities Program”
Ellis J. Juan. Chief Housing and Urban Development Division at Inter-American Development Bank.

15.15-16.15   Round Table “Key Governance issues to succeed in PPP”
Pedro Michelena. Chairman at Foro PPP.
Maya Falguera. Lawyer, Head of Unit for Concessions and Antitrust at Abertis Infraestructuras.
Marc Frilet. Managing Partner at Frilet Société d’Avocats.
Irina Zapatrina. Chairman of the Board at Ukrainian PPP Development Support Centre.
Pedro Neves. Founder & Managing Partner at Global Solutions.
Dionisio González. Director of Strategic Planning and Operations at Consorcio Regional de Transporte de Madrid.

Chair: Pascual Berrone. Professor at IESE Business School.

16.15-16.45   Speech “PPP model to develop new Smart Cities. The case in China”
Walter Fang. Executive Vice President at iSoftstone Group

16.45-17.15   Speech “PPP’s for Urban Transformation”
Maria Galindo. International Business Manager at Doxa Innova&Smart.

17.15-17.45   Closing remarks and next steps
Núria Betriu. Director General of Industry and CEO of the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ), Government of Catalonia.
Miquel Rodriguez Planas. Manager at Public-Private Sector Research Center, IESE Business School.

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