ACS subsidiary wins Lima water concession

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ACS subsidiary wins Lima water concession

Peru's private investment promotion agency ProInversión has announced that Técnicas de Desalinización de Aguas SA (TEDAGUA, owned by ACS Group) has emerged as the winner for the US$100 million Provisur water and sanitation project in Lima.

TEDAGUA asked for S/34.403.640 (US$12.3 million) for the annual remuneration relative to the investment (to be paid in 15 years) and S/7.8 million (US$2.82 million) for the annual remuneration relative to the O&M.

The Provisur water and sanitation project consists of the design, finance and build the infrastructure needed to expand and improve the water, sewerage and water treatment services in Lima's southern districts of Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra, San Bartolo and Santa María del Mar.

The concession will have a period of 25 years and an investment of US$100 million.

Although six teams were pre-qualified, only three teams submitted proposals:

Three other teams did not finally submit proposals for the project: Agua Sur (Abengoa Water and Abengoa Perú); Cintra-ICCGSA (CINTRA Infraestructuras and Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas Generales; and Proactiva Cosapi (Proactiva Medio Ambiente Perú and Cosapi).

The project includes a desalination plant with a 150l/s capacity in the first stage and a 400l/s capacity later on. This will be the first time that Provisur includes a desalination project in its plans.

It is estimated that the project will start operations in 2017.

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