Alaska Permanent Fund commits $250m to MSIP II

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Alaska Permanent Fund commits $250m to MSIP II

The Alaska Permanent Fund has committed $250 million to Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners II LP.

Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners II LP reached commitments of $1.517 billion in July 2014. The fund is targeting final close in the second half of 2015.

The fund raised its capital globally in North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. Investors included major pension funds, insurance companies, high net worth individuals as well as Morgan Stanley and its employees.

Morgan Stanley Infrastructure, which has teams in North America, Europe and Asia, invests in assets that provide public goods and services in sectors such as transportation, communications, energy and utilities.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) manages the Alaska Permanent Fund. The entire fund is managed as a single investment pool, and is invested in a range of assets including stocks, bonds and real estate. The fund is invested in a diversified portfolio of public and private asset classes.

Shortly after the oil from Alaska's North Slope began flowing to market through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the Permanent Fund was created by an amendment to the Alaska Constitution. It was designed to be an investment where at least 25% of the oil money would be put into a dedicated fund for future generations.

The Merced County Employees' Retirement Association (MCERA) from California also announced several days ago that it will invest $10 million with Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners II LP.

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