Four teams shortlisted for BC waste P3 project

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Four teams shortlisted for BC waste P3 project

Seaterra Commission, which is responsible for overseeing the Seaterra Program procurement process and evaluating the responses received, has announced that four teams have been shortlisted for the development of the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) at Hartland landfill, Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada).

Six teams responded to the Seaterra Project's request for qualifications (RFQ), which closed on March 14, 2014. The Commission selected the following four teams to move forward to the request for proposals (RFP) stage:

The project will be developed on a design, build, finance, operate and maintenance basis for a period of 25 years.

The Request for Proposals was issued in May 2014, proponents will submit their proposals by the end of 2014 and the Commission expects to select a preferred proponent in early 2015. It is anticipated that design and construction of the RRC will begin in spring 2015 with completion in 2018.

The RRC is one of the major components of the Seaterra Program. Residual solids from the planned treatment plant will be piped to the RRC where resources such as biogas, struvite (phosphorous) and dried biosolids will be recovered. The biogas generated by the RRC will be used on-site and excess gas will be cleaned and injected into the natural gas system. The struvite can be used for fertilizer. The dried biosolids will be put to a beneficial use as a fuel substitute. In addition, the CRD will realize annual operational cost savings by utilizing the landfill gas from Hartland as an energy source for the RRC.

The Seaterra Program is jointly funded by federal, provincial governments and the CRD. The total proposed federal contribution will be up to CAD$253.4 million, the total provincial contribution is a maximum of CAD$248 million and the CRD will provide the balance of CAD$281.3 million.

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