Hochtief reorganises business in Europe

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Hochtief reorganises business in Europe

HOCHTIEF has reorganized its European business included in HOCHTIEF Solutions AG. Starting on January 1, 2014, the Building, Infrastructure and Engineering business segments will be working as independent companies, each one set up as a GmbH (German limited liability company). The new companies, along with the existing HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH, will form the basis for the European Division.

Marcelino Fern√°ndez Verdes, CEO of HOCHTIEF, said:

"We want to be closer to our customers and to the market. With this new structure, we combine the advantages of a strong small-and-medium-enterprises-oriented business approach optimally with the service spectrum of an internationally experienced construction group."

The new HOCHTIEF Building GmbH bundles the building construction business in Germany. The branches in the big cities will expand their market presence into the regions so that they can better meet customer needs there. The managing director of HOCHTIEF Building GmbH is Dirk Rehaag.

The strengthening of country units in Europe and selected regions throughout the world, such as South America and the Middle East, is a core element of the new orientation of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH. Each country unit will offer the entire spectrum of services in traffic and energy infrastructure. In a Technical Competence Center, experts with special expertise and project teams involving multiple branches will work together and support the individual units in their projects. Wilfried Rammler is the managing director of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH.

In HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH, HOCHTIEF combines its abilities in planning, technical advising, design management and Building Information Modeling. HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH will be run by its managing director, Dr. Hansgeorg Balthaus.

The integration of financing, planning, construction and operation will continue to be among HOCHTIEF's core business and will be expanded with HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH. Peter Coenen is the managing director of HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH.

The new companies will run the business activities of the business segments in question on their own and will report to the Executive Board of HOCHTIEF Solutions AG.

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