Lithuania to implement stadium through PPP

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Lithuania to implement stadium through PPP

The government of Lithuania has announced plans to relaunch a tender process for the construction of national stadium in Vilnius through PPP model.

In November 2009, the Supreme Court ruled that the agreement with Vilniaus KapitalinÄ— Statyba and VeikmÄ— on the construction of the national stadium in Vilnius had been signed unlawfully and was null and void. Later the construction was put on hold. 

The project cost is estimated at €78.3 million. It is planned that Europe will provide 85% of the required amount, which still needs the approval of the European Commission. The local authority of Vilnius will be in charge of the project implementation.

The project involves a modern stadium that would meet international standards and be suitable for various sports events. The new stadium will have a capacity between 25,000 and 30,000 seats. It will replace the use of S. Darius and S. GirÄ—nas Stadium, Å½algiris Stadium, and VÄ—tra Stadium.

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