ANTT publishes tender documents for road PPP

ANTT publishes tender documents for road PPP

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The Brazilian ANTT (Agência Nacional de Transportes Terrestres) has announced it has launched a tender process to seek private developers for the BR-101/116/290/386 road concession.

The project comprises a total length of 581 km, including the stretch of BR-101 between the border with RS/SC and Osório/RS; BR-116, between the junction with BR-290 (B) (to Arroio dos Ratos) and the junction with BR-470/RS-350 (to Camaquã); BR-290, between Osório/RS and the junction with BR-116 (to Guaíba) and BR-386 between the junction with BR-116 (B)/290 (Porto Alegre) and the junction with BR-377 (A) (to Carazinho), with a view to duplicating the Produção Motorway until Carazinho, duplicating the Porto Alegre-Camaquã stretch and guaranteeing quality on the Freeway.

The duration of the concession will be 30 years.

The BR-290/RS, currently managed by the concessionaire Concepa, was awarded in July 1997, for a concession period of 20 years. It will be re-tendered at the end of its concession contract. The new tender for the 467.7 kilometers road will involve the operation and maintenance (O&M) and upgrade.

The highway will pass through the following municipalities: São João do Sul and Passo de Torres, in Santa Catarina, and Torres, Dom Pedro de Alcântara, Três Cachoeiras, Três Forquilhas, Terra de Areia, Maquiné, Osório, Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Glorinha, Gravataí, Cachoeirinha , Porto Alegre, Canoas, Nova Santa Rita, Montenegro, Triunfo, Tabaí, Taquari, Fazenda Vila Nova, Bom Retiro do Sul, Estrela, Lajeado, Marques de Souza, Pouso Novo, São José do Herval, Fontoura Xavier, Soledade, Mormaço, Uncle Hugo, Victor Graeff, Santo Antônio do Planalto and Carazinho, in Rio Grande do Sul.

As we reported in September 2016, the project was included in the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), called Project Grow, which involved 34 infrastructure projects to be carried out under PPP scheme. According to sources, each project must receive at least 20% of equity from investors. The rest can be financed via loans and issuance of bonds. Caixa and BNDES will provide around BRL30 billion (US$9 billion) in equity to finance the projects.

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