Megaproject 911: ANI awards Cúcuta – Pamplona highway to Sacyr

Megaproject 911: ANI awards Cúcuta – Pamplona highway to Sacyr

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Colombia's National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has awarded the Cúcuta – Pamplona highway to Spanish developer Sacyr.

It was the second time ANI had launched a tender process for the project. As we reported, ANI launched the first Request for Proposal (RFP) for the concession in January 2016, with the result of no teams interested in the project. According to sources, the lack of interested bidders was due to the economic feasibility of the project.

In November 2016, ANI re-launched the tender process and it received three bids. The bidders were Estructura Plural, formed by Cintra (50%) and Shikun (50%); CCA Civil Colombia; and the awarded Sacyr Concesiones Colombia.

Sacyr submitted financial commitments approved by Colombian bank Davivienda for COP66.5 billion (US$23.3 million)

The project involves the design, build, finance, operation and maintenance of the road during the concession period. The 62km toll-road project, part of the third wave of Colombia's 4G program, includes the construction of a second lane through 42km of existing road, a 4km new road and revamped 16km of existing road.

The project will require investments of US$1.5 billion for the construction and over US$538 million for the maintenance during the concession.

Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras said that the 4G Cúcuta-Pamplona highway is key to connect northeast of the country with Bucaramanga and Pamplona in the south, and Cucuta - Ocaña in the north. It will also help to connect central Colombia with Venezuela.

As we has reported, Sacyr has already won other three 4G highways:

  • For the Rumichaca - Pasto highway PPP project, Sacyr partnered with Herdoíza Crespo Construcciones. 
  • It is the 100% owner of the Puerta de Hierro - Palmar de Varela & Carreto - Cruz del Viso highway PPP project.
  • It is part of the SPV Devimar alongside Strabag and Concay, which is behind Austopista del Mar 1 ("Autopistas de la Prosperidad" package)

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