ANI signs the contract for Cúcuta – Pamplona PPP road

ANI signs the contract for Cúcuta – Pamplona PPP road

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Colombia's National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), in presence of Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, has signed  the concession contract for the Cúcuta – Pamplona highway​.

As we reported in April, ANI has awarded the highway to Spanish developer Sacyr. 

It was the second time ANI had launched a tender process for the project. ANI launched the first Request for Proposal (RFP) for the concession in January 2016, with the result of no teams interested in the project. According to sources, the lack of interested bidders was due to the economic feasibility of the project. In November 2016, ANI re-launched the tender process and it received three bids. The bidders were Estructura Plural, formed by Cintra (50%) and Shikun (50%); CCA Civil Colombia; and the awarded Sacyr Concesiones Colombia.

The project involves the design, build, finance, operation and maintenance of the road during the concession period. The 62km toll-road project, part of the third wave of Colombia's 4G program, includes the construction of a second lane through 42km of existing road, a 4km new road and revamped 16km of existing road.

The project will require investments of US$1.5 billion for the construction and over US$538 million for the maintenance during the concession.

Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, said:

"This work is key to territorial connectivity that will strengthen the economy and create jobs, is scheduled to be completed in 2022, but we will tell the dealer to put every effort to finish it as quickly as possible. This work has immense benefits: firstly, Norte de Santander will be connected with the rest of the country. We can not continue with this isolation. On the other hand, this work will radically improve mobility of Colombians between Cucuta and Pamplona and Bucaramanga with the rest of the country; and will transform the development of the department and the region."

Transport Minister Jorge Eduardo Rojas, said:

"The full extent of tunnels and bridges will be dual carriageway, ie it will remain as one of the best routes in the country. In addition there is now a toll it will not increase its value, will stay the same. what it is contemplated is put another toll near the town of Pamplonita at the end of the work, in about five years. This will be one of the most important projects in the country, and yes to we add that the work will start between Pamplona and Bucaramanga, now it is true that Cúcuta will connect with the rest of the country. "

As we has reported, Sacyr has already won other three 4G highways:

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