OHL sells stake in Argentine road concessionaire

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OHL sells stake in Argentine road concessionaire OHL has reported that it has sold its entire stake in the Argentine concession Autopista Ezeiza Cañuelas, SA (AECSA), to the company ESUVIAL, S.A, which belongs to the CPC, S.A. Group, for a price of 55.9 million Argentine pesos (aproximately €6.8 million).OHL said that the impact of this transaction in its Profit & Loss Account will be almost neutral.CPC has debuted in roadways concession in 2012 as partner of the Autovia del Mar consortium together with Benito Roggio, Helport and Esuco.

Since 1993, the concessionaire Autopista Ezeiza - Cañuelas, S.A. (AECSA) has been in charge of the construction, improvement, repair, conservation, extension, remodeling, maintenance, administration and operation of the Riccheri Sliproad.

AECSA began work in 1995, widening and improving the Riccheri Highway, adding new lanes, sealing the hard shoulder, building traffic roadways, new bridges and extending those already existing, including lighting installation works and horizontal/vertical signaling.

At present, the concessionaire manages and maintains Autopistas al Sur (Ricchieri-Ezeiza-Cañuelas), which provide access to Ezeiza International Airport. These Motorways divide the Province of Buenos Aires into branches and communicate the city of Buenos Aires to the south.

The Riccheri Highway has the world's largest toll center, with 40 lanes. The Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway is a continuation of the Riccheri Highway and ends in the town of Cañuelas, servicing several large industrial and agricultural production centers. Overall, under the common name "Autopista Ezeiza-Cañuelas", they represent one of Latin America's busiest Highways.

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