Pennsylvania launches tender process for bridges replacement P3 project

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Pennsylvania launches tender process for bridges replacement P3 project

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has launched a Request for Qualification (RFQ) to design, build, finance and maintain a portfolio of replacement bridges across the the state.

PennDOT expects to shortlist proposers in March 2014 with proposals due in September 2014 and commercial close before the end of 2014.

The Project contemplates accelerating the replacement of at least 500 geographically disbursed, structurally deficient, bridges across Pennsylvania in less than 5 years. The majority of the Replacement Bridges are single and multi-span bridges that will be replaced in-kind.

The concessionaire will be reimbursed through an availability payment structure over an anticipated term of between 25 and 35 years.

Interested proposers must submit statement of qualifications by January 31th, 2014.

Barry J. Schoch, PennDOT Secretary, said:

Thanks to Governor Corbett's hard work and commitment to a stronger Pennsylvania, our landmark transportation plan and P3 law will work in unison to make our economy stronger.This project is a prime example of how investment in the public sector empowers stronger partnerships within the private sector, leading to increased safety, good-paying jobs and better services for all Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvania is taking advantage of the new P3 tool that Governor Corbett signed into law in 2012 to begin a new initiative to address the state's nearly 4,500 Structurally Deficient (SD) bridges. With the P3 approach, the state can replace hundreds of these bridges more quickly; save money; and minimize the impact on the traveling public.

See RFQ:

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