Sierra Leone seeks Legal PPP Advisor to help PPP Unit

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Sierra Leone seeks Legal PPP Advisor to help PPP Unit

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is providing private sector development assistance to the Government of Sierra Leone with the aim to increase infrastructure delivery and promote PPPs.

After the support received from UNDP and other donor partners the Government of Sierra Leone in the middle of 2013 has established the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit under the Office of the President and the Office of the Chief of Staff, which will serve as a combination of technical support and quality assurance arm for all major PPP investment agreements across the Government and will improve the capacity of the Ministries to engage private sector.

The Government has made substantial commitments towards the operations of the PPP Unit already. It now hosts 6 local professional staff and 2 assistant-level staff in the financial, business analysis, project development as well as research and planning fields. PPP Unit however, lacks international-level PPP legal capacity to strengthen the expertise of the existing staff, provide strategic and technical advice to the Head of PPP Unit and advise him on the ongoing PPP transactions pipeline.

UNDP is looking for an International PPP Legal Adviser at the PPP Unit to provide strategic technical assistance in building PPP Unit's capacity to engage Ministries and private investors using the best international practices and structuring quality PPP transactions as well as contributing to the development of the overall PPP strategy with particular emphasis on the institutional capacity building.

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