Three teams shortlisted for French A45 highway concession

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Three teams shortlisted for French A45 highway concession

Frédéric Cuvillier, French Minister of Transport, has announced that the three teams shortlisted will submit their technical and economical proposals for the A45 toll road project in the coming months.

The project has got reactivated after being inactive for more than two years. The companies shortlisted are the following: BouyguesVinci, and Eiffage.

The project cost is estimated at €1.3 billion (US$ 1.78 billion). The project involves the construction of four tunnels and eleven viaducts and the construction of a second carriageway of the A47 road between Saint-Etienne and Lyon, more precisely between Pierre-Bénite and Fouillouse.

The A45 highway is a proposed toll road in central France. The road was scheduled to open in 2015 but the schedule is not feasible anymore. Work stopped after initial studies were conducted in 1993.

The road will replace the A47, known for being obsolete and accident-prone. The road will be capable of bearing the intense traffic that will be brought to it from the influx of motorists to the A45 who currently drive on the A47. Improvements to the A47 will continue between Givors and Saint-Chamond after the A45 opens.

The French Government had launched the tender process back in April 2012.

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