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Hi everyone! It has been a long time without writing but I still have lots of interesting thing to bring you guys. Today, I just want to recommend you a book that could be of interest to you all.TOLL ROAD TRAFFIC AND REVENUE FORECASTSAs you already now credible traffic and revenue forecasts are essential when preparing a toll road business plan. In these days we live banks are not willing to lend much money and they are auditing traffic estimates in order to make sure that the business plan is not too optimistic.Well, from my point of view this book written by Robert Bain can give you a very good insight of how to to manage traffic and revenue (T&R) studies.Rob Bain formerly with Standard & Poors and Steer Davies Gleeve has written the first guide to traffic and revenue (T&R) studies, reports which are often key in go/no-go decisions on tollroad projects, and which have a huge bearing on how much capital can be mobilized, whether the operation is under government ownership or investors (P3).
I am going to buy it for sure, I will appreciate it if you guys can make some comments about the book. Do you like it? What do you think of Bain's perspective??

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