Victoria publishes Unsolicited Proposal Guideline

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Victoria publishes Unsolicited Proposal Guideline

In February 2014, the state Government of Victoria (Australia) released a new Unsolicited Proposal Guideline for welcoming proposals from the private sector to deliver a project or service which offers something genuinely unique and the best value for Victorians.

The new guideline provides a transparent and consistent process where private parties can directly approach Government seeking support and approval to provide a project or service. The Government can also use the process to directly approach a private party to deliver a project.

A five stage process will guide the assessment of unsolicited proposals, detailed further in the guideline:

  • Stage One: A private party submitting an unsolicited proposal for Government consideration, with full information requirements;
  • Stage Two:  The Government conducting a preliminary assessment of the merits of the proposal and deciding whether to enter into an exclusive negotiation;
  • Stage Three: The Government and the private party entering into an exclusive negotiation to develop a full proposal for Government consideration;
  • Stage Four: The Government entering into final negotiations to finalise outstanding issues with an intent to enter into a final and binding offer; and
  • Stage Five: The Government awarding the contract.

The Government will confirm with the private party within 30 days how the proposal will be evaluated, including how confidential information will be protected, and any additional information requirements.

All proposals should be addressed to the Deputy Secretary, Commercial, Department of Treasury and Finance and forwarded to:

State treasurer Mr. Michael O'Brien said:
"The public sector doesn't have a monopoly on good ideas. We are determined to encourage the private sector to put forward their best and brightest ideas for this great state of Victoria. If the private sector has a unique idea or solution to deliver a project or service in a smarter, faster and more efficient way, we want to hear them."

Download the Unsolicited Proposal Guideline:

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