Winner emerges for Chilean hospital concession

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Winner emerges for Chilean hospital concession

Chile's Public Ministries of Works and Health announced yesterday that the consortium "Consorcio de Salud Santiago Oriente" formed by Assignia Infraestructura (Spain), Constructora y Edificadora GIA-A (Mexico), and Constructora Cosal (Chile) has submitted the best proposal to develop the concession of the Salvador Geriatric Hospital and the National Institute of Geriatrics.

The bids were as follows:
  • Consorcio de Salud Santiago Oriente: Subsidy requested of UF538,000 (US$23 million) technical evaluation of 5.2
  • Consorcio Abengoa Chile - Inabensa - Teyma: Subsidy requested of UF579,600  (US$24.8 million)  and technical evaluation of 5.0
  • Consorcio Hospitales de Salud: Subsidy requested of UF676,550  (US$28.9 million)  and technical evaluation of 5.7

The contract will include the preparation of the final design, construction and maintenance of all works necessary for optimal operation of the two health facilities, the provision of clinical and non-clinical and industrial furniture and all associated infrastructure equipment, as well as the basic services. Clinical services are not included in the contract.

The new project will add 641 beds to the public health system. the estimated investment for the contract is $308 million.

MOP's hospital concessions program is part of the government's new wave of concessioned public infrastructure, which calls for the concession of 11 hospitals between 2010 and 2014, with total investment reaching US$2.2bn.

The program includes capital Santiago's Salvador Geriatric Hospital, Félix BulnesSótero del Río and Puento Alto hospitals; region VII's Curicó and Linares hospitals; region VIII's Chillán hospital; and region V's Provincial de Marga-Marga and Biprovincial de Quillota-Petorca hospitals.

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