Business Case for the Global Infrastructure Programme


The GBP 25 million (US$ 30.96 million) Global Infrastructure Programme will adapt and disseminate world-leading UK infrastructure methodologies, in order to produce sustainable and lasting change in partner countries.

Infrastructure is vital to a country’s prosperity both as an enabler of inclusive economic growth and of poverty reduction. Physical and organisational infrastructure, and facilities, including transport, energy, water and telecoms, are essential for a successful society. In addition, social infrastructure (schools, hospitals and housing) supports quality of life.

The programme operates in three Prosperity Fund priority countries: Colombia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Key aims over a 3-phase approach are:

  • support to partner countries/regions for infrastructure planning and business case development methodologies; led by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) working with private sector experts

  • rolling out internationally-adapted models for pathfinder countries, based on the UK’s ’5 case model’ (5CM) and ‘infrastructure Project Initiation Routemap’ (PIR); and funding direct technical support for these pathfinder countries (in conjunction with private sector consultants)

  • promoting the UK’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) methods and standards, which optimise the design, build and operation of key infrastructure by funding the development of local models and training.

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