Establishing and Reforming PPP Units - EPEC


Most European countries have established some form of centralised capability as a core part of their institutional framework to implement PPPs, usually in the form of a specialist PPP unit. The Members of EPEC have found that establishing a specialised source of technical expertise within government can be an effective way to strengthen government's capacity to select, prepare, deliver and manage PPP projects. However the existence of a PPP Unit is not evidence of a strengthened capability per se. This depends on the nature of the PPP Unit's functions in relation to the gaps or weaknesses in the particular PPP delivery system and its capability and capacity to address such gaps. Established PPP Units provide useful lessons for others but, if copied, should be suitably adapted.In coordination with EPEC Members, the EPEC team has conducted reviews of institutional frameworks for 24 EPEC Members a number of which are publicly available on the EPEC website. A central PPP Unit was identified in 18 of the 24 institutional frameworks reviewed. The purpose of the report therefore is to draw collectively from these Unit Reports in order to identify trends and lessons learnt. The report is based on information that was correct at the date of publication for each Unit Report, i.e. between October 2011 and March 2014. The report also makes some, though more limited, reference to the experience of the PPP Units and programmes of EPEC Members for which Unit Reports have not been prepared. 

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