Public–Private Partnership Databases - IDB


Having accurate and detailed information on public–private partnership (PPP) projects is essential for good management of PPP risks and related contingent liabilities. This document presents an analytical description and comparative analysis of the main existing international and national databases on PPPs for a sample of seven countries: four LAC countries (Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay) and three leading countries regarding the development of PPP projects from outside the region (Australia, South Africa, and UK). It is observed that databases on PPPs generally have at least one of the following objectives: for research purposes, to increase transparency, and/or to promote private investment in infrastructure financing. Although existing international databases on PPPs provide relevant information for research purposes and national databases on PPPs have significantly contributed to improving transparency regarding PPPs in several countries in the region, it is concluded that there is still a long road ahead with respect to improving available information on PPP projects in LAC.

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