Acciona claims EUR1 billion compensation for water concession in Catalonia

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Acciona is seeking over EUR1 billion compensation from the government of Catalonia for the liquidation of the Aigües Ter Llobregat (ATLL) concession, which supplies drinking water to a population of more than 4.5 millions of Catalans.

A 50-year concession contract of management of public services, construction, improvement, management and operation of the facilities that constitute the network of water supply in the Ter-Llobregat region to an Acciona-led consortium in November 2012. The other competitor Agbar suspected that the deal was not legal and threatened to go to court on basis of lack of transparency in the award process. Acciona appealed in High Court of Catalonia and the High Court dismissed the appeal. After that Acciona appealed in Supreme Court of Spain.

Acciona has now submitted a letter to the government of Catalonia in which they included compensation for loss of profits and damages that the company should receive, in compensation for the early termination of the contract. The concessionaire seeks compensation of EUR769 million for lost profit and EUR305 million for liquidation. 

Acciona was awarded the exploitation of ATLL for a period of 50 years but only managed it for 6 years, since the Supreme Court annulled the concession on grounds of lack of transparency and equality in the tender process.

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