Acciona disqualified from tender for rail project in Uruguay

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The secretary of states disqualified Acciona Construcciones from the tender process for the PPP project including design, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of the railways between the port of Montevideo and Paso de Los Toros on basis of lack of transparency in the bidding process.

The Ferrocarril Central project is a public-private partnership to upgrade the 273 km Montevideo — Paso de Los Toros route. The tendering process took place in April 2018. In which 3 companies (Acciona, CMEC-SDHS, Grupo Via Central) showed interest and sent proposals. 

Acciona Construcciones challenged Ministry of Transport and Public Works Minister Rossi's decision and said 'Decision was arbitrary and unjustified.' As a result, the Ministry postponed the opening of the third envelope with the economic offer corresponding to the tender to build the Central Railroad.

The Secretary of State explained that there was a recourse presented by Acciona Construcciones, a company that argues that "it had not had enough time to present its disclaimers on the report of the technical committee that analyzes the tender".

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