AEW announces launch of AEW UK Impact Fund

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AEW UK Investment Management has announced the launch of its first, place-based impact investing strategy, the AEW UK Impact Fund.

The UK Impact Fund (UKIF) is structured as an open-ended fund, initially furnished with a diversified portfolio of UK assets valued at GBP100 million (US$124 million). This portfolio comprises specialist-supported living facilities, accommodations for key workers, care homes, as well as community and residential-oriented town center revitalization projects that positively influence community well-being. AEW is currently engaged in actively raising capital on behalf of UKIF, with the aim of attracting a diverse range of investors. This includes institutional investors, local government pension schemes, and private wealth. The fund offers a tailor-made real estate solution that addresses the specific needs of the UK's communities, working collaboratively with local authorities to enhance the supply of sustainable real estate with social utility. This encompasses residential housing, care facilities, nurseries, as well as recreational and community amenities. UKIF will implement an active management approach with a core investment style, with the goal of generating a sustainable income stream and delivering returns to its investors.

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