ANI signs agreement to reactivate Meta road project

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The National Agency for Infrastructure (ANI) in Colombia has agreed with the concessionaire Los Llano SAS (Consortium of Organización de Ingeniería Internacional S.A., Construcciones El Cóndor S.A., and Murcia Murcia S.A.) to revive the road network project in Meta. Started as an unsolicited proposal, the road network project involves the maintenance of 350km of roads, development of a ring road around Villavicencio and the construction of a two-lane road between Ciudad Porfía and Acacias and between Río Ocoa and Apiay. The project also envisages the upgrade of the road between Puerto Gaitán and Puente Arimena.

The arbitration tribunal found that both parties could renegotiate the contract and save the project works, keys for the economy and development of the Eastern Plains. ANI signed the contract with concessionaire on November 12, 2019, that will allow space of four months to evaluate financial, technical, legal, property, environmental alternatives and social to enable the project. In the next few months scope, works, and other efforts will be defined to benefit the population of the Eastern Plains and carry out the works in the corridor.


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