Bids invited for construction of one-lane bridge over Mandoul River in Chad

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The Ministry of Infrastructure and Accessibility has invited bids for the construction works of a one-lane bridge over the Mandoul River at PK1+750 of the Bédaya-N'galo-Moissala axis in the Mandoul province, Chad.

The Government of the Republic of Chad has obtained financing from the World Bank to finance the cost of the Rural Connectivity and Mobility Project (PMCR) and intends to use part of the sums granted under this financing to carry out the payments planned under the contract. 

Situated in the vicinity of Bedaya town in the southern part of the country along the Koumra–Sarh road, the project area is positioned at the intersection of the "Mandoul" watercourse (a tributary of the Barh Sara) at the point PK 1+750 of the Bedaya–Moissala dirt road. Activities include clearing rights-of-way, involving tasks such as clearing and stripping topsoil, tree felling, and the removal of existing buildings and structures. Additionally, general earthworks encompass excavations and embankments. The project involves the creation of road layers. Notably, the construction of the Mandoul River crossing structure comprises a reinforced concrete beam deck spanning 122 m. This deck is designed with six independent spans, each measuring 19 m in length.

Proposals must be physically delivered by January 22, 2024. Additional details regarding this tender can be accessed through our Business Opportunity page here.

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