Brazil announces winner for Highway Concession in Brazil

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has awarded the BR-116/465/493/RJ/MG highway concession in Brazil to Ecorodovias. Ecorodovias emerged as the only bidder for this BRL15.18 billion (US$3.02 billion) highway project. 

Ecorodovias will be responsible for 726.90 km long highway concession including the construction of 303.2 kilometers of duplication works and 255.2 kilometers of additional lanes, 61.32 km of marginal roads, 28 uneven devices, 775 access improvements, 65 footbridges and 68 fauna passages. The highway connects 22 municipalities in Minas Gerais and 15 municipalities in Rio de Janeiro.

The highway aims to promote a greater sense of safety, traffic fluidity and lower the environmental impact.


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