Brazil to include Angra 3 nuclear project in PPI

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The Government of Brazil is set to include the Angra 3 nuclear power plant project in the federal government's Investment Partnership Program (PPI) that handles the concessions for the private enterprise. 

Currently, the plant is at 67.1% completion but as a whole, the project is at 58.4% progress yet. The 1,405 MWe power plant is developed with a BRL20 billion (US$5.49 billion) investment. 

With this development, the next step would be the formalization of an interministerial committee that will present a proposal for the concession of the nuclear project. The deadline for the submission of offers will be approximately six months from the date of the first group meeting and may be extended for an equal period. Once the private partner is selected, the resumption of the construction of the project is expected to follow. 

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