Brazilian consortium wins first sewerage PPP

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Sanepar has awarded the Saneamento Consultoria 2 sanitation PPP contract in the west and central east regions of Paraná, Brazil.

The consortium, Saneamento Consultoria, consisting of 3 domestic firms Aegea, Perfin, and Kinea, has been awarded a contract to provide sewerage services in 16 municipalities. The contract spans 24 years and 5 months and requires investments of BRL1.2 billion (US$250 million). The consortium will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of sewerage and effluent collection, transport, treatment, and disposal services. 

The 2 sanitation PPPs of Paraná are the following:

  • West Region PPP: This PPP will cover 11 municipalities in the west region of Paraná: Arapongas, Astorga, Bandeirantes, Campo Mourão, Engenheiro Beltrão, Goioerê, Irati, Jacarezinho, Loanda, Maringá, and Nova Esperança.
  • Central East Region PPP: This PPP will cover 5 municipalities in the central east region of Paraná: Pitanga, Porecatu, Santa Fé, Umuarama, and Xambrê.

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