Bulgaria has launched re-tendering process for Plovdiv Airport concession

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Ministry of Transport, Information Technology, and Communications in Bulgaria has launched the tendering process for the Plovdiv airport concession. The concession involves a 35-year concession to run the airport in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city. The project includes the construction of a cargo and passenger terminal and runway extension from 2,500 to 3,200 meters. These improvements will expand the capacity of Plovdiv Airport enough to serve 1 million passengers per year and some 50,000 tons of cargo.

The scope of works involves design, building and erection works and activities for redevelopment, re-modelling, restoration or overhaul of existing construction work, as well as performance of routine repairs and for maintenance of Plovdiv Airport in serviceable condition together with the related right to exploit the works whereby resuming the operational and construction risk, including the right to receive the revenues from the services, provided through the works and/or from carrying out other business activity with the works.

The requirements to be complied with by the private partner have been lowered in re-tendering process.  In evaluation criteria technical proposals will carry weightage of 55% and the remaining 45% will be evaluated on financial offers submitted by the private partner.

In 2017's tendering process three bids were submitted. Out of which two bids were finalized and the concession was awarded to Hainan and Plovdiv Airports Investments. But due to unexplained reasons winning consortium refused to conclude the contract.

The deadline to submit the response to this tender notice is April 10, 2020. You can find more information about this tender notice on our business opportunity page here.

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