Concession Agreement signed for Lote Noroeste highway in São Paulo

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São Paulo state government and Ecorodovias have signed the BRL13.9 billion (US$2.8 billion) 30 years final concession contract for the Lote Noroeste highway package in Brazil.

Ecorodovias will operate, improve, and maintain 600km of brownfield toll-road segments highways package SP 310, SP 333, SP 326, SP 351 and SP 323 in São José do Rio Preto, Araraquara, São Carlos and Barretos. Ecorodovias has entered into a 30-year concession agreement, effective from the date of the Initial Transfer Agreement, for the commercial use of the Northwest Lot Highway System. The system comprises the highways currently managed by AB Triângulo do Sol (442.2 km) and TEBE (158.2 km), as well as an additional 0.6 km section, making a total of 601 km.

Under the concession agreement, the expansion and improvement works will encompass road duplication, additional lanes, frontage roads, bicycle paths, footbridges, and rest areas for truck drivers. The initial works are primarily focused on pavement renewal, emergency repairs, and signage adaptation. The main expansion works are scheduled for the 3rd to 7th years of the concession for the 1st cycle and the 15th to 19th year for the 2nd cycle.

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