Design consultants selected for Very light rail project in Coventry

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The Coventry City Council (CCC) has selected WMG (University of Warwick), Ingérop Conseil et Ingénierie and Rendel Ltd to develop a low-cost track form for very light rail project. The VLR project has the potential to revolutionize light rail systems all over the world in towns and cities, as VLR provides an affordable track system.

The long term objective of the consultants is that it will become an autonomous vehicle that can hold 50 passengers and work like the London Underground system, where there is no timetable, and people can hop on and off. The vehicle will be lightweight in design using a multi-material approach. Due to being battery-powered, there will be no overhead power supply, which is both costly and unsightly.

The ultimate goal of the track project is to design an affordable track form that can be easily removed and will reduce the impact on utilities, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds digging up roads and moving gas, electric, telecommunication and sewage systems, which is currently the process for building traditional tram systems.

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