Eiffage and Atlas Arteria acquire stake in APRR

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Atlas Arteria has announced agreements to acquire further 6.14 indirect interest in APRR concession and ADELAC concession increasing operational influence and improving governance in respect of its total post-acquisition 31.14% indirect interest in APPRR and 31.17% in ADELAC.

Eiffage has entered into an agreement with a view to acquiring 4% of MAF2 capital, an indirect shareholder of APRR (50% less 1 share) and of ADELAC (25.1 %). After the acquisition, Eiffage will have an indirect 2% stake in APRR via a 4% interest in MAF2 (Macquarie Autoroutes de France 2 SA).

APRR is a 2,318-kilometre motorway network located in the east of France. APRR comprises three concessions: the APRR Concession, the AREA Concession and a minority interest in the ADELAC Concession. APRR acts as a vital transportation corridor located at the crossroads of Western European trade. It provides critical connectivity between major French cities, including Paris and Lyon, and access to France’s major trading counterparts.

The terms of the transaction for both acquisitions are the same.

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