Finnish Transport Agency preparing to tender causeway PPP

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The Finnish Transport Agency, Liikennevirasto, is considering the procurement of private partners to design, build, finance and maintain a road bridge and is to host market engagement sessions for the project. The 8.4km bridge would replace a ferry link between Hailuoto Huikku and Oulu Riutunkari, providing a fixed link from Hailuoto island in the Gulf of Bothnia to the mainland.

The purpose of the sessions is to chart interest in the project and to clarify issues related to the upcoming tender. The sessions will include an initial assignment of mentors, a timetable and general principles of the competition. At the event, the Agency intends to discuss with the industry and to hear the views on how to conduct the tender.

Events are being held on 16 and 19 October 2018, and are aimed at advisers (technical consultant, financial and legal consultant). Interested participants must register by 5 October 2018. The Agency plans to launch the tender for the project in December.

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