Funding Approved for Alexandroupolis Port upgrade project in Greece

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The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) has approved the induction in the Recovery and Resilience Fund of EUR24 million (US$26 million) for upgrading the infrastructure of the Alexandroupolis Port Authority (APA S.A.) in Greece.

The port infrastructure upgrade aims to enhance the port's competitiveness and establish it as a key geostrategic, energy, and transit hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. The upgrade project consists of two distinct components:

  1. Restoration of Depths (Dredging): This involves the removal of accumulated silt in the port basin and shipping channel since the end of 2015. By restoring the depths, the project aims to ensure efficient and safe navigation for vessels using the port; and

  2. Connection of the New Commercial Pier with the Alexandroupolis Ring Road: The construction of a 1.5-km road within the port's land zone will connect the new commercial pier with the ongoing construction of the Alexandroupolis Ring Road. This infrastructure development aligns with the technical specifications outlined in the approved Master Plan. Its construction is prioritized to enable the diversion of commercial traffic from the port to the Egnatia Odos Motorway, via the Alexandroupolis Ring Road, bypassing urban areas.

The project will be funded by the EU – NextGenerationEU recovery package.

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